Mobilizing Volunteers | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
120 متطوع من الكشافة والجامعة الأردنية وأطفال مخيم الوحدات يشاركون القافلة الخضراء في زراعة الأشجار في الأغوار الوسطى في الأردن

APN involved 120 volunteers to plant 420 fruit tree saplings in lands in the Central Jordan Valley.On January 31 2019, 40 girl scouts from Al-Khansa helped plant 200 citrus trees.A few days later, on February 2nd, students from the University of Jordan participated in planting another 200 trees.

On April 13th 40 children from the Palestinian refugee camp planted an additional 20 fruit tree saplings which carried the names of their respective Palestinian towns.