APN Plants 3,700 Guava Trees in Qalqilya to Support Farmers

APN | Azun Atme & Jayus – Qalqilya


In Qalqilya governorate, the villages of Azun Atme and Jayus witnessed a large tree-planting activity as part of the Million Tree Campaign. A total of 3,700 guava trees were planted, benefitting 15 farmers who support a total of 90 individuals. APN General Manager, Mariam Al Jaajaa, highlighted that this project is specifically designed to aid Palestinian farmers in Qalqilya, renowned for producing high-quality guava. She emphasized that these trees will play a pivotal role in enhancing farmers' income and fostering local economic development given the challenging conditions faced by Palestinian farmers, marked by continuous attacks from Israeli settlers, especially during harvest season.