APN launches its “Trees for Palestine” digital awareness campaign | The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature
حملة أشجار فلسطين الرقمية الدولية

APN | Amman

13 March 2023


In collaboration with numerous international, regional, and local organizations and media partners, APN launched its international “Trees for Palestine” digital awareness campaign to support the “Million Tree Campaign” in Palestine under the hashtags #TreesforPalestine #أشجار_فلسطين. The campaign aims to mobilize solidarity and support for the Palestinian environmental and agricultural sectors, as well as APN’s green movement to plant trees in place of the trees systematically uprooted by the occupation, which has exceeded 3 million trees since 2000. 


Since its establishment during the second Intifada and until 2022, APN has successfully planted 2,676,666 fruit trees, in addition to leading many projects that strengthen local food systems. The international digital campaign complements these efforts that have spanned more than 20 years.


This campaign narrates the Palestinian agricultural struggle using a variety of visual, audio, and written material. Following months of extensive research, the campaign material was developed in collaboration with local designers, experts, and partners from around the world.


The campaign material will be posted on social media platforms over the course of six weeks which include multilingual awareness posts that highlight the crimes committed by the occupation against Palestinian trees, in addition to short films including the main campaign film and testimonies from beneficiary farmers.