APN with the farmers of Sinjil confronts Israeli barbarism

APN | Sinjil, Ramallah - Palestine

11 September 2022


The team of APN in Palestine moved to Sinjil village in the north of the West Bank, in the wake of the vicious and systematic attacks to which the farmers of the village are exposed alongside the neighboring villages in a continual and intensive manner in the past months.

The recent assaults on the farmers of Sinjil came under the protection of the occupation forces, where around 20 settlers attacked the farmers and their properties, and shot at them during their proceeding to their agricultural lands, which led to the wounding of six unarmed Palestinians, the destruction of six vehicles and the damaging of a number of fruitful trees.

APN organized a visit to the lands which were subjected to assault, and distributed 400 olive saplings to the harmed farmers, and they also visited those injured as a result of the attack of the colonialists at the Istishari Hospital in the city of Ramallah.

Actually, APN monitors the repeated attacks of both the Israeli army or the settlers themselves, and endeavors to stand by the farmers and strengthen their steadfastness on their lands in the face of recurrent assaults, and the threats to expropriate the lands.