Al Jaajaa discusses Decolonising Climate Financing on an Australian dialogue platform

APN|Amman-Zoo m

3 November 2022


The General Manager of APN, Mariam Al Jaajaa, gave a presentation during a digital seminar organized by the dialogue platform Aid Talks, under the heading “Reparation and Resilience: Decolonising Climate Financing”.

Al Jaajaa presented the viewpoint of APN concerning the method under which the current aid structure operates, to perpetuate colonialism and neoliberalism, through ignoring the difference in the responsibility for carbon emissions environmental damages between the countries of the north and the south, in addition to the donor countries calling for diminishing the agricultural sector in the Global South as one of the important solutions in their view to reduce the rates of carbon emissions from this sector, instead of focusing on resolving the problem in their own countries and in the sectors that are of greater impact on climate.

Concerning the end of the climate colonialism, Al Jaajaa emphasized the necessity for the Global North to shoulder the financial burden of climate change mitigation and adaptation , while compensating the countries that are most affected and vulnerable for the losses and damages, and to refrain from considering the problem as lying solely in carbon emissions, without due regard to the environmental issue in its broader manifestation, and in its inclusion of an important component, namely the human element which also requires a protection of rights.

She stressed that the solutions offered must include the sovereignty of nations over their food, while planting productive crops that are capable of withstanding the effects of climate change, supporting water management, and the preservation of local seeds that are capable of withstanding the effects of climate change.

It may be mentioned that the Aid Talks dialogue platform which emanates from the Australian Aid/Watch Group, is concerned with awareness creation about the methods of utilizing official development aid from the donor countries to the developing and fragile countries with a view to mitigating inequality and poverty.