2000 fruit trees breaks the settlements’ enclosure of Beit Ummar in Hebron

APN | Beit Ummar-Hebron

30 January 2023


The Israeli occupation actively opposes the Palestinian presence in Hebron governorate, seeking to distort and replace it with a new visual landscape. This is evident through Zionist efforts to modify the characteristics of villages and towns by consistently confiscating lands, especially in Area C, and appropriating them for the exclusive construction of settlement units or roads serving only the settlers.

Nonetheless, this brutal spectacle contrasts with the heroic resilience of the Hebron residents, who valiantly withstand the challenges on their land and demonstrate unwavering determination. Inspired by their daily steadfastness, APN supported the farmers of Beit Ummar through the Million Tree Campaign in Palestine by planting 2,000 fruit trees, including stone fruits and grapes, spanning across 48 dunums. This endeavor aims to support 18 farming families who courageously refuse to abandon their lands despite the violent colonial aggression they face.

APN General Manager, Mariam Al Jaajaa, expressed immense pride in each tree of resistance planted in Palestine. The selection of Beit Ummar holds particular significance, as the town finds itself surrounded by settlements, the racial apartheid wall, and bypass roads. The settlers employ a systematic approach to target the lands of Beit Ummar, especially the uncultivated areas.