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"Towards people's sovereignty over food and natural resources"

APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.


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Newsletter July, August, September 2017

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APN Launches Civil Society Appeal to Protect the Right to Food and Health in Yemen

In response to the frightening international silence that has completely disregarded the horrendous crimes against essential human rights in Yemen, The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature launched an appeal demanding immediate action against the ongoing military campaign. The appeal, addressed to the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, the FAO Director-General, the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to food, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to health, was signed on by 58 local, regional and international civil society organizations.

APN Successfully Takes Part in Thwarting the “Israeli-African Summit” in Togo

In a joint campaign with the Conference for Palestinians Abroad, APN successfully collaborated with Arab ambassadors, African civil society organizations and a group of Arab and Islamic governments to thwart the Israeli-African Summit that was set to take place in Togo on the 23rd of October, 2017.

Barhoush in Egypt: Let Us Translate our Conferences into Local Concepts

In July 2017, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) participated in the second regional conference for the protection and enhancement of human rights in Cairo. The conference, titled “Implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan in the Arab Region from a Human Rights Perspective” was held by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the League of Arab States.

Mariam Al Jaajaa in New York: The International Community is in Disdain of Early Warning Signs

APN Manager Mariam Al Jaajaa was nominated to speak on behalf of global civil society in a side session on food insecurity in times of crises and conflict at the High Level Political Forum at the UN House in New York on the 12th of July, 2017.The event was organized by the UN Committee on World Food Security as four countries - Somalia, Yemen, South Sudan and Nigeria- are on the brink of famine.

Ebal Embraces the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature

On 26/9/2017, Ms. Laila Hijawi, a member of the Cultural Committee of the Ebal Association invited the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature to narrate its story. Ms Razan Zuayter, founder of the Million Tree Campaign, gave an illustrative presentation of APN’s experiences, programs, and accomplishments.

APN in Canada: Stop the War on Yemen

APN Manager Mariam Al Jaajaa was invited to give two presentations at the Anti-war Conference held on 5-7 August in Toronto Canada. Organized by the International Women’s Alliance and the International League for People’s Struggles, the conference welcomed anti-war and social justice activists, organizations, networks and movements from different countries that suffer from wars, occupation, militarism and foreign intervention fueling civil conflict.

“Land Revival” Project Plants 6,500 Fruit Trees

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, in collaboration with the Palestinian Farmers' Union, organized a number of activities as part of the 'Land Revival' project. The activities included planting 6,500 olive, stone fruit, and citrus trees, on 581 dunams of land in Jenin, Qalqilya, and Tulkarem. The activities targeted 93 small farmers and 574 family members. The 'Land Revival' project launched by APN and the PFU aims to plant a total of 24,000 fruit trees across Palestine.

APN Distributes 100 Grape Seedlings in Support of Agricultural Laborers in the Northern Jordan Valley

In an effort to support agricultural laborers and small farmers, APN collaborated with the Charitable Association for Rehabilitation and Care and the Agricultural Laborers Association to distribute 100 grape seedlings among 50 less fortunate families in the Northern Jordan Valley; the trees were distributed with the aim of providing a sustainable source of income for the families. Representatives from the Agricultural Laborers Association collected the seedlings to distribute them to the targeted households across the areas of Al Kraymeh, Abu Sido, Al Karn, Al Rayyan, Al Manshiya, Al Mashare', Al Sheikh Hussein.

Our Nation’s Mothers Project Active in The Village of Yasouf- Salfit Planting 1,600 Fruit Trees

APN, and in collaboration with the Salfit Association for Development, carried out the second phase of the Our Nation’s Mothers project with the aim of reviving agricultural land and financially empowering female farmers in the governorate of Salfit.1,600olive, fig and pomegranate trees were planted on 75 dunams targeting 28 farmers and 174 of their family members across several villages in the area of Yasouf-Salfit.

APN Calls for Listening to Arab and Global Civil Society

On 25-27 September, 2017, Mr. Hassan Al Jaajaa represented the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature at the West Asia Civil Society Consultation Meeting Ahead of the United Nations Environment Assembly meeting in Amman. Mr. Al Jaajaa participated in the working groups that were formed and presented facts and figures that APN had prepared on the environmental destruction created by Israel in Gaza and the West Bank. Mr.

APN in Rome: Occupation and War are Primary Reasons for Women Disempowerment

The Arab Network for Food Sovereignty (ANFS), represented by APN Advocacy Officer Zeina Fakhriddin, was nominated to represent the region at the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) Forum on women’s empowerment in the context of food security and nutrition on 25/09/2017.

APN: Don’t Disregard Farmers, the Primary Resisters

On the 20th of August, 2017, The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature was asked to present its work to a group of 20 students who were taking part in a summer camp organized by the Jordanian BDS Campaign in collaboration with Challenger Team.

APN Launches Civil Society Appeal to Protect the Right to Health in Gaza

In light of the fast and deteriorating state of health and well-being in Gaza, and the ongoing and inhumane Israeli siege of the people of Gaza that has severely impeded access to medical treatment, medicines, food, and energy, APN in collaboration with the Conference for Palestinians Abroad, launched an urgent appeal referencing Human Rights obligations and International Humanitarian Law. The appeal is necessary to counter the eerie international silence that has completely disregarded the continuous assaults on the rights of health of innocent civilians, and demands the following:

ATICO Celebrates its 25th Anniversary by Supporting APN’s Programs in the Jordan Valley

On Friday, 29/09/2017, APN’s Green Caravan set out to plant 250 citrus trees in Al-Kraimeh in the central Jordan Valley. The trees were donated by ATICO – Fakhreldin group and were planted by a group.of 60 volunteers that included ATICO’s employees and students from the Ahilyyah School and the Bishop’s School.

During the Plant Your Resilience Campaign, a Lady Molokhia Merchant: I Want to Plant Trees with APN

In an effort to support farmers in Jerusalem and anchor them on their lands, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature launched the “Plant Your Resilience Campaign”. The campaign was launched on 2/08/2017 in collaboration with Radio Husna with the aim of raising donations to plant fruit trees and construct water collection tanks across villages in Jerusalem.

APN Strives to Encourage the Use of Local Seeds in Palestine

APN launched the "Supporting Farmers of Bethlehem" project in collaboration with the Bethlehem Farmers' Union to plant 11,060 fruit trees on 252 dunams of land. The project targeted 63 farmers, who support 470 family members. Also, 148 dunams of land were planted with local kusa (zucchini) and faqoos (cucumber) seeds, and 19 dunams of land were fully rehabilitated.

APN and MEPS Plant 200 Fruit Trees in the Jordan Valley

As part of its Green Caravan Program, APN, collaborated with MEPS to plant 200 citrus and guava trees in the central Jordan Valley. The activity was supported by the Ahliya for Agriculture. A group of volunteers from APN, MEPS, Ahliya for Agriculture, and locals got together to plant the trees on a piece of land owned by the widow Um Ismail. The fruit trees were planted as a means of supporting food security for Um Ismail's family of 7 and providing a sustainable source of income for her.

APN Attends the Climate Action Network Arab World’s Third Regional Conference

On the 4th of August, 2017, APN, represented by its Advocacy Officer Zeina Fakhriddin, was invited to attend the regional conference on “Challenges and Opportunities for Jordan and the MENA Region Ahead of the COP 23 in Bonn”. The conference was organized by Friedrich Ebert Stitfung (FES) in collaboration with the Climate Action Network Arab World (CAN AW) and was attended by civil society organizations from across Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Mauritania, Djibouti, Algeria, Sudan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Lebanon, and Jordan.

“Irrigate Palestine” Constructs a Water Reservoir in Beit Sourik – Jerusalem

As part of the "Irrigate Palestine" campaign, APN constructed an 85 m3 water reservoir in the Beit Sourik village to facilitate the irrigation of 12 dunams of agricultural land owned by 5 families. The project was funded by the International Islamic Charitable Organization - Kuwait and overseen by Wakf Al Quds - Lebanon, APN, and the Al Nahda for Developing the Rural Societies in the North West of Jerusalem. Beit Sourik lies immediately adjacent to the Apartheid wall and is surrounded on 3 sides by illegal Israeli settlements.

APN Continues to Support Women in Jerusalem through Pastry Training

In an effort to support families in Jerusalem and provide them with a sustainable source of income, APN collaborated with the Al Nahda Rural Society to train women in Jerusalem in pastry and desserts.

APN and DHL Support Food Security in the Jordan Valley

On 4/5/2017, APN and DHL planted citrus and guava trees in Ruwaiha - Central Jordan Valley. The trees, planted by DHL employees in collaboration with the Ahliya for agriculture, were donated in support

The Conference for Palestinians Abroad Moves towards Institutionalization

Ms. Razan Zuayter attended two meetings for the Board of Trustees of the Conference of Palestinians Abroad. During those meetings, the Secretariat was forming the Conference’s framework, discussing its priorities and its suggested committees. After an intense discussion, Zuayter strongly affirmed that what is needed is a collaborative and dynamic strategy.The Conference also discussed two campaigns that it had adopted: thwarting the African-Israeli Summit and the centennial to the Belfour Declaration.

APN Attends Several Local Meetings

APN , through its manager Mariam Al jaajaa participated in the IUCN National Committee meeting on the 25th of July at the IUCN Regional Office for West Asia. The committee identified three sub-committees for member organizations to work through: administrative, technical and accountability.

Participating in Souk Jara

This year, APN took part once again in the “Souk Jara” market which operates every Friday over the summer months. Through its participation, APN hopes to raise awareness about national and regional environmental issues, and garner both moral and financial support for its programs. At the market, APN sells merchandise that is branded with APN slogans and programs and has been designed by volunteers. All proceeds go towards the tree planting programs that APN runs in both Jordan and Palestine.

APN Hosts the Conference for Palestinians Abroad at its Office

On 8/8/2017, Mr. Ribhy Halloum, Ms. Razan Zuayter, Ms. Ola Abed, Mr. Mohammad Akel, Mr. Moueen Taher, and Mr. Ahmad Said Nawfal, of the General Secretariat of the Conference of Palestinians Abroad were hosted at the APN office in Amman. The meeting was organized to discuss the Conference’s “Thwarting the Israeli Summit” campaign. During the meeting, activist Hanan Arouri and Mr. Hassan Al Jaajaa presented the state of African-Israeli affairs and ways to counter the relations.


APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.

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