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"Towards people's sovereignty over food and natural resources"

APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.


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Latest News

APN and ESCWA Hold a Regional Conference on the Implications of Conflict on Food Security Under the Patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Agriculture

APN organized a high-level regional workshop on the 29th of March in Beirut-Lebanon to address the implications of conflict on food security and nutrition in the Arab region. The conference was held in partnership with ESCWA and under the patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Agriculture Ghazi Zeaiter.

APN Insists that Jerusalem is the Eternal Capital of Palestine by Planting 25,646 Fruitful Trees in Its Villages

APN, and in cooperation with Al-Nahda Rural Society, completed the “Plant Your Resilience (I) ” project with the goal of planting 25,646 different fruit trees in 25 villages in Jerusalem. The trees include olive, fig, pear, walnut, pine nut, apple, and citrus trees, over an area of 1284 dunams. The farmlands are owned by 989 farmers, supporting around 6,438 family members.

The Green Caravan Intensifies its Work and Organizes 24 Planting Activities in Jordan

APN resumed its work within the Green Caravan Campaign in the first half of 2018 with the aim of supporting food sovereignty and combating desertification through planting fruit trees. APN organized 24 planting activities with the participation of more than 810 volunteers. 

APN Organizes a Country Workshop on Food Security and Nutrition in the Context of Protracted Crises in Jordan

  Seventy experts join APN's Multi-stakeholder Workshop Addressing the Implications of Protracted Crises on Food Security  in Jordan and the Arab World,  held in collaboration with FAO and ESCWA in  Amman, on the 5th of April 2018.

Big Achievements within the Green Hands Project

APN and the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee completed 5 activities within the Green Hands Project. The project targeted 2285 dunams and covered 350 families residing next to illegal Israeli settlements and the annexation wall. It included the planting of 1,680 dunams with wheat and Barley, planting 12,000 fruit trees, installing agricultural fencing and rehabiliting 90 dunams of farmland. It also included the construction of a water collection well.

The General Assembly of the Arab Network for Food Sovereignty 2018

The Arab Network for Food Sovereignty (ANFS) held its General Assembly on the 30th of March 2018 in Beirut. Participants from nine different Arab countries attended the meeting to endorse the financial and administrative reports, and work on the network’s strategy for the coming years. 

The Million Tree Programme Plants 26,000 Trees in the Northern Villages of Palestine that are at Risk of Confiscation

Through APN’s 3rd “Million Trees Programme", and in collaboration with PARC, 26,000 fruitful trees ranging from olive, almonds, citrus and avocado trees were planted over 1,040 dunams in the Northern villages of Palestine including Asira Al- Shamaliya, Jureish, Aorta, Naqoura and Nazlat al Sheikh Zaid.

Civil Society Convenes a Meeting and a Press Conference Tackling the Dangers of Allowing Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO's) into Jordan

Civil Society Organizations (CSO) assembled on Thursday  21st of June 2018 at APN offices to discuss the dangers of lifting the  prohibition imposed on Genetically Modified Organisms in Jordan. They launched a national appeal supported by 45 local CSO and   released it on the 26th of June at a press conference at the Jordan Environmental Union. 

APN Launches “The Seeds of Perseverance” Project and Plants 1170 Dunams of Wheat and Barley in Tubas Governorate

In cooperation with the Palestinian Farmers Union and Tubas Governorate, APN launched “The Seeds of Perseverance” project with the goal of planting 1,170 dunams of wheat and barley, between the Israeli Roi and Bakahot settlements. Israeli forces continuously attempt to occupy the area with the excuse that it was not cultivated for three years in reference to the old Ottoman Law, which Israeli forces exploit to occupy more Palestinian lands.

FAO’s Near East and North Africa Ministerial Conference in Rome: A Wasted Opportunity for Integration

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) held its 43rd Regional Conference for the Near East in Rome on the 10th of May 2018. The conference was attended by 11 ministers, 144  participants and 7 representatives from civil society. The results were not up to expectations as recommendations were not discussed thoroughly by participants.

APN’s “Here We Remain Campaign" Executes 35 Agricultural Activities in Lands that are Threatened by the Wall of Annexation

APN, in cooperation with the Stop the Wall Campaign and the Palestinian Farmers Union, executed 35 agricultural activities in villages threatened by the Israeli Wall of Annexation that is being built on occupied Palestinian land.The Hona Baqoon - Here We Remain Campaign included the planting of 10,000 olive trees in several villages, including Al Qotna”, “Madma”, “Al Taweel”, and “Yanoon”, and “Aqraba” – Nablus.

Seminar on Agricultural Resistance and Strategies for Survival within the Israeli Apartheid Week


APN organized a seminar entitled “Agricultural Resistance and Strategies for Survival” on the 20th of March at the Professional Associations Complex in Amman . The seminar was part of the 2018 Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) or “Haser Hisarak” held by BDS, APN and several other partners. Speakers included agricultural expert Saad Dagher; activist Fadia Alwahsh from Jub Altheeb; APN President Rami Barhoush, and Project Manager Mohammad Qteishat.

Membership in the Hunger Eradication Committee of the LAS

The General Secretariat of the League of Arab States invited APN to become a member of the League’s Hunger Eradication Committee. APN will participate in the committee’s first meeting  scheduled in the  second half of year 2018.

APN Plants 16,800 Fruit Trees and over 289,000 Local Seeds

In cooperation with Bethlehem Farmers Association, APN completes its project “Supporting Farmers of Bethlehem II” in the villages of Bethlehem that are surrounded by more than 50 settlement outposts. The aforementioned projects targeted 506 dunams of land (namely Al-Khodor, Wadi Fukin, Beter, Beit Jala, and Beit Sakaria), owned by 113 farmers supporting 820 persons.

University of Jordan Events in Commemoration of Nakba

APN was invited to give a presentation on “Green Resistance” on 5 September 2018 as part of International Conference:" The Palestinian Cause - Whereto?" organized at the University of Jordan (UJ). The 3-day conference, coincided with the 70th anniversary of Nakba. Zeena Al jaajaa spoke about APN’s work to rehabilitate the agricultural sector and protect farmlands from confiscation .

APN Actively Engage in International and Local Platforms

APN worked intensively to influence policy platforms on the national, regional and international levels. APN was active in a number of important events including Jordan's First International Agricultural Forum; meetings of the Advisory Group of the Committee on World Food Securtiy in Rome; the Near East/North Africa FAO-Civil Society Consultation and the International Forum of Solidarity with Palestine in Beirut; the Consultative Workshop on Jordan's Environmental Protection Law and Law of Associations, and the Second National Conference for Environmental Organizations in Jordan. 






A Tribute to APN Co-Founder on International Women’s Day

On March 8th 2018, marking International Women’s Day, Khalil Salem Charity Society celebrated the achievements of APN Co-Founder Razan Zuayter, as well as three other influential women. Zuayter was honoured for her unceasing contribution to the protection of nature and support of agriculture in the Arab region.

Numerous Meetings with Decision Makers

APN participated in a series of meetings with several parties such as the Jordanian Senate, the Ministers of .Environment and Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Ministry of Awqaf

APN Gives a Lecture on how to Resist Normalization within Agriculture at the Islamic Action Front

On the 20th of January 2018, APN General Manager Mariam Al Jaajaa and Nisreen Haj Ahmed from BDS were invited to speak at the 2nd Meeting on Resisting Normalization organized by the Women Constituency at the Islamic Action Front. APN spoke about means of resisting normalization in the agricultural sector.

The Fifth Annual Forum for the Right of Return

Raje’ Association invited APN to speak at the 5th Annual Forum for the Right of Return in Amman, Jordan which was held on 3rd of February 2018. APN spoke about the role the Million Tree Campaign plays in supporting Jerusalemites.

APN Supports “Al Sawafta” and Replants his Land in “Bardala” within 24 Hours from Its Destruction

In cooperation with the Palestinian Farmers Union, APN planted 330 new olive trees in Hussein Al Sawafta’s farmland , 24 hours after Israeli forces deliberately destroyed his orchard.

Olive planting in memory of Rachel Corrie and in the name of Ahed Al Tamimi

APN planted olive trees in honor of Earth Day; in memory of all martyrs of solidarity with the Palestinian people including Rachel Corrie; and in the name of hero Ahed Al Tamimi. The planting took place on the 20th of March 2018 in Burin, south of Nablus. Dozens of Israeli soldiers tried to restrict the activity, but participants insisted to plant the trees as planned.

APN Co-organizes a Beekeeping Workshop

On 14-15 January 2018, APN, in collaboration with the Ahliya for Agriculture and Deir Alla Directorate of Agriculture, organized a two-day beekeeping workshop for 25 small farmers in the Jordan Valley.


APN’s General Assembly 2018

APN held its Annual General Assembly on the 16th of May where by members approved the administrative .report of 2017, the balance sheet, final accounts and the Auditor’s report on the financial statement

APN in the Media

 APN was interviewed on several programmes to speak about its programmes in Jordan, Palestine, and the Arab World.


تسعى العربية لحماية الطبيعة إلىAPN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.


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