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"Towards people's sovereignty over food and natural resources"

APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.


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APN’s Annual Event Reflects Symbols of Struggle Against Injustice

The annual event of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature highlighted peoples' struggles against injustice and, occupation through the experiences of three guests: Dr. Aleida Guevara of Cuba, daughter of the legendary freedom fighter Ernesto Guevara; Rizq Salah, a Palestinian freed prisoner; and the young Ahd Al-Tamami.

Kuwait Supports APN’s Mission and Work

APN has received support for its work and commendation of its achievements from various Kuwaiti bodies, societies, institutions and public figures during a visit to the country . A major highlight of the visit  which took place on January 19th, 2019 was a meeting with the Kuwaiti Parliament Speaker Mr. Marzouk Al-Ghanem whom APN has sought to honour in respect of his outstanding position in support of the Palestinian cause.

Trees of Life Project in Bethlehem

The ‘Trees of Life’ project marked another major effort that involved planting 10,900 olive, almond and grape tree saplings in lands in Bethlehem threatened to be seized by Israel. The cultivation operation is designed to help farmers generate income by empowering them and helping them hold on to the land.

The One-Million Tree Campaign, a Success Story Before the Arab League

At the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, APN proposed the Million Tree Campaign to be a starting point for an ‘Arab Tree Path’ project. It aims at building such a path through the Arab world to improve the environment, combat desertification, promote agriculture and eradicate poverty and famine.

Enhancing Food Security for 90 Families in the Jordan Valley

On April 19th, 2019, 750 fruit tree saplings were planted in Ghor Al-Mazra’ and Al-Safi in Jordan Valley to assist around 90 households and empower their members. Land outside three mosques in the two areas was planted to be irrigated with ablution waters.

APN Joins Numerous High-Level Meetings at FAO Headquarters in Rome

APN attended three formal meetings for the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in Rome, and three preparatory meetings for the International Civil Society Mechanism (CSM) in addition to several bilateral meetings with government representatives, the private sector and the World Farmers Organization.

Supporting Women-Headed Households in Gaza

Citrus and Olive tree saplings have been distributed to 29 breadwinning women to grow in their lands in Deir El-Balah in Gaza Strip which lives under the heavy burden of the Israeli imposed blockade.Around 2000 saplings were distributed during the month of February as part of APN’s third campaign in Palestine.

The Central Bank hops on the Green Caravan

APN's Green Caravan made its way on April 13th, 2019 to the Central Jordan Valley to plant citrus and guava tree saplings in a land owned by a female farmer supporting her family.Around 300 saplings were planted in the land. The cultivation effort was carried out in cooperation with the Ahliya Agricultural Society and funding from Jordan Central Bank and participation of its social activity committee.

Food Distribution Requires Access to Productive Resources

APN was invited to address a special conference on food security and nutrition organized by the American University of Beirut (AUB) Food Security Program in cooperation with EAT-Lancet committee. Discussion dealt with the launch of the MENA report on food systems in the Arab region.

Building a well in Beit Surik

As part of APN’s efforts to enhance water security in Palestine, an agricultural well was dug and installed in the Palestinian village of Beit Surik which lies between the Israeli-built Separation Wall and three Israeli settlements.

Mobilizing Volunteers

APN involved 120 volunteers to plant 420 fruit tree saplings in lands in the Central Jordan Valley.

The Regional Consultative Meeting on Environment and Natural Resources in Cairo

APN was invited to present a working paper on ways to limit the negative impact of conflicts on the environment at the Regional Consultative Meeting on Environment and Natural Resources held on February 27-28, 2019 at the Arab League in Cairo.

Aleida Guevara: I am Joining APN

Prior to its annual event, APN announced at a press conference that donations the Group had raised will be used to plant around 150 thousand fruit tree saplings in Jordan and Palestine. Dr Aleida Guevara daughter of the legendary Ernesto Guevara told the press conference that she was deeply impressed with APN’s mission and work and considers herself, from now on, a member of the Group .

Supporting Bani Naeem in Hebron

In Hebron, an operation was launched in conjunction with Bani Naeem municipality to distribute 5,925 fruit tree saplings to be grown in Palestinian agricultural lands that lie close to an Israeli settlement.

APN and the Bank of Jordan Plant 550 Trees

On February 22nd, the Green Caravan joined by the Ahliya Agricultural Society, planted 250 citrus and guava saplings in lands in the Central Jordan Valley. The planting effort was conducted with support from the Bank of Jordan.

Efforts to Eradicate Hunger in Conflict-inflicted Countries in the Arab Region

The first meeting of the working group concerned with the Eradication of Hunger in the Countries of Conflict in the Arab region has been held at the UN ESCWA Headquarters in Beirut on March 20th, 2019. 

Planting in Besieged Beit Eksa

Nine kilometers from the occupied city of Jerusalem, APN’s volunteers worked to plant 1,047 fruit tree saplings to support the steadfastness of farmers of the besieged village of Beit Eksa ..

Planting Hope for a Cancer Patient

On April 12th 2019, the land of a cancer patient in Altaibeh in Irbid was planted with 130 olive and almond tree saplings. The yard of a primary school in the area was also planted with olive tree saplings and medicinal plants.

A Tree for Every Student

To instill the love of earth in the hearts of children, 450 fruit tree saplings were distributed to students in Al-Subeihi area in Balqa' governorate. The activity, held on January, 13th, 2019, was carried out in cooperation with female volunteers from Bayyouda village in the region and supported by Zein Company.

APN at the 6th Global Council of the CSO Partnership on Development Effectiveness

As the co-chair of the working group on conflict and fragility and a member of the rural sector, APN attended the 6th Global Council of the CSO Partnership on Development Effectiveness (CPDE) on the 28th of February in Beirut, Lebanon..

Commemorating Al- Karama

Fifty fruit tree saplings were planted in a land in the Central Jordan Valley honouring the memory of the martyrs of Al-Karama battle. The planting operation was carried out on March 22nd with support from the Palestine committee of the Jordan Pharmacists Association.

APN in a Number of Meetings

APN joined a number of meetings including: the national   consultation with the minister of agriculture and environment; the Regional Consultation on Climate Change in Lebanon; Welfare Association Day; Abdul Hameed Foundation’s Innovation Award Event; as well as meetings with representatives from Bir Zeit Univeristy and the new regional IUCN Director   .

Raising Awareness on Environmental Challenges

As part of a campaign launched by APN to raise environmental awareness under the slogan ‘If you only know’, APN delivered a lecture to students of Madaba American University and participated in the Sustainability Fair organized by Kings Academy .

APN’s General Assembly Holds Its Annual Meeting

A majority of APN’s General Assembly members reviewed during  their annual meeting the Group’s administrative and financial reports for 2018.Towards the end of the meeting the general budget, final accounts and the audit report were approved.


APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.

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