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"Towards people's sovereignty over food and natural resources"

APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.


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Latest News

APN Partners with the Local Community in Bayouda to Plant Every Household and Build an Inspirational Model of a Green and Productive Village in Jordan

APN collaborated with Balqaa Institute of Creativity “Nashmiat Bayouda” to accomplish the “Hakoorat Bayouda” initiative of planting every household in the village. Over four weeks, a total of 6,200 fruit trees and 8,000 herbs were distributed to 620 houses. To complete this feat, the initiative brought together over 500 volunteers from APN and other initiatives, including the “I am productive” initiative and students from the University of Jordan.

APN and PANAP Launch Reports on Israel’s Illegal Production, Trade and Dumping of Hazardous Chemicals in the Occupied Palestinian Territories

The illegal trade and the manufacture and use of toxic pesticides in Israeli illegal settlements, result in serious human rights violations  and contribute to the food insecurity in the Occupied West Bank. This was the conclusion of a joint fact-finding mission led by the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature and the Pesticide Action . Network Asia and the Pacific. APN and PANAP launched two reports along with an international online petition outlining recommendations for the international community on the 20th of February marking the World Day of Social Justice. 

APN Stunts the Opening Plenary at the Conference for Palestinians Abroad in Turkey

APN founding member Razan Zuayter, was invited to give a speech at the opening of the Conference for Palestinians Abroad in Istanbul on 26-25 February.

APN Holds a Seminar to Institutionalize Work with Farmers and the Agricultural Directorate in the Central Jordan Valley

On Wednesday 1/3/2017, the 'Ahliyeh for Agriculture' organized a meeting between the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) and the Directorate of Agriculture in Deir Alla, a group of farmers and community members from the area to discuss APN projects including the Green Caravan and the food sovereignty program influencing agricultural policies in the region.

The 3rd Million Tree Campaign Plants 7600 Trees for Women Headed Households in Salfit

The One Million Trees Campaign completed the “Our Country’s Mothers” project which aims to empower female farmers in Salfit and create an additional source of income for women headed households. The project was implemented in collaboration with the Salfit Association for Development as well as several youth groups in the area.

The Million Tree Campaign Gains Significant Attention at the International Conference for the Support of the Palestinian Cause in Tehran

Razan Zuayter and Hassan Jaajaa , founding members of the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature (APN) were invited to the Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada in Tehran on 20-23 February, 2017. They participated in the multistakeholder meetings as well as the side meetings for civil society organizations. Zuayter was invited to give a speech during the second session, where she spoke about the importance of unifying efforts through networks and programs that create a platform for success.

APN Plants Trees on the Banks of the Jordan River in Collaboration with the Jordanian Engineers Association

On Friday 24/2/2017, the Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, organized an activity to plant 450 lemon trees on the banks of the Jordan River, overlooking the lush Palestinian hills of Bisan. 65 volunteers from the Jordanian Engineers Association took part in the planting activity in support of the farmer Um Ismaeel, who herself is a symbol of resilience and perseverance.

The One Million Trees Campaign Plants Thousands of Trees in the Gaza Strip

The One Million Trees Campaign managed to distribute and plant 2,600 olive trees for the inspirational and resilient farmers in Gaza. This was part of the "land revival" project in partnership with the Palestinian Farmers' Union.The project has specifically targeted 500 farmers with approximately 2,000 family members in several areas within the Gaza Strip including Rafah, Khan Younis, and Central and Northern Gaza.

APN Plants 150 Trees with the Participation of Peoples with Disabilities in Irbid

On Saturday 4/3/2017, The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature organized a trip to plant 150 fruit trees for a small-scale farmer in the Um Al Namel Valley - Irbid. A variety of trees were planted including olive, lemon, peach, cherry and almond.

APN Replants Farmer Ibrahim Brigheit’s Land Following His Victory after a Long Court Battle

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, with the help of the Bethlehem Farmers’ Union, was able to fully remediate and replant farmer Ibrahim Brigheit’s 8 dunam piece of land, which extends along the municipality’s borders. His land lies on the main road of Hebron-Jerusalem adjacent to the Afrat settlement and neighboring the settlement complex of Ghosh and Atsyon. Ibrahim’s land has deep significance, not only because of its geographic surroundings, but because it was stolen illegally by an Israeli company and was returned 11 years later after an endless court battle.

The Green Caravan Mobilizes Children to Plant 350 Citrus Trees in Deir Alla

With hearts filled with love and happiness, 75 female volunteers accompanied our Green Caravan to plant 350 trees in the Jordan Valley on 3/2/2017. 350 citrus trees, including lemon, clementine, pomelo trees, were planted on the fields of farmers Abu Hussein in Abu Obaidah and Abu Radwan in Al-Kareema. The 75 volunteers were members of the ‘lend a hand’ camp, organized by the Sisters of Al Khansaa’, Al Radwan, Al Irshadiyeh and Wardatona Al Quds

One Million Trees Campaign Plants Olive Trees In Ateel And Al-Shofa –Tulkarem

APN and its partner the Palestinian Farmers’ Union (PFU) replanted hundreds of olive trees in the Ateel and Al-Shofa villages in the governorate of Tulkarem. With the help of volunteers, trees were replanted on farmer Abu Baker Hamed’s previously uprooted land in the village of Al-Shofa, and on farmer Muwafaq Al Saad in Ateel. These activities come as part of the ‘Land Revival’ project run by the PFU and funded by APN, and seek to enhance farmers’ resilience and prevent land grabs by illegal settlers.

APN Holds a Workshop in Deir Alla with Farmers, Community Members and Experts

On Tuesday 21/3/2017, APN held a workshop in Deir Alla near the village of Abu Al Zighan bringing together APN members and staff, and representatives from the Creativity Institute – Al Balqaa, the National Centre for Agricultural Research and Extension, Al Ahliya for Agriculture and members of the local community.The aim of the workshop was to build on the two suggestions made for APN to expand its work into Abu Al Zighan; first, planting house gardens with fruit trees, and second planting small plots of land for small holder farmers.

APN at the First Meeting for Stakeholders on the Arab Good Agricultural Practices Framework in Jordan

Board member Razan Zuayter was invited to attend the First Meeting for Stakeholders on the Arab Good Agricultural Practices Framework in Jordan hosted by the Economic and Social Council in West Asia (ESCWA) on 13-14/2/2017. Participants reviewed and discussed good agricultural practices that contribute to environmental, economic and social sustainability, and produce safe and high quality agricultural products. Ms Zuayter made clear her skepticism with instantly incorporating GAP at it is often paralleled by an export-based strategy that is out of reach for many small holder farmers.

The Green Caravan and Hashemite University Students Plant Citrus Trees in the Jordan Valley

The Green Caravan helps improve food security in Ruweiha, Central Jordan Valley, by planting 200 lemon trees on the 25 of March, 2017 with the help of the Directorate of Agriculture in the Jordan Valley, the 'Ahliyeh for Agriculture' and over 40 volunteers from the 'candlelight initiative' at the Hashemite University. We were pleased to have the Head of Directorate of Agriculture in the Jordan Valley, Abdel Kareem Al Shehab, give a brief opening statement about the state of agriculture in the Jordan Valley, noting its comparative fertility and climate that are ideal for farming.

The Green Caravan Plants Trees in Darar - Jordan Valley

On Friday 17/3/2017, 150 lemon trees were planted in the Darar Bin Al Azwar area in the Central Jordan Valley with the help of 50 volunteers from "Morabito Al Quds". The trees were planted on a field belonging to Um Ashraf, a farmer who has incredible passion for her land and has shown steadfast reluctance to selling it off to investors.

The Jordanian Campaign to Fight the Israel-Jordan Gas Deal

The Jordanian National Campaign Against the Israel-Jordan Gas Deal continues to voice its opposition of the $10 billion gas deal with the Zionist entity, and has organized several events and activities to highlight the dangers of the deal in an effort to push the government denounce it. The Campaign organized its third forum, which brought together workers’ unions, members of parliament, political parties, and local activist movements to discuss the latest findings on the gas deal and campaign’s upcoming events. The attendees considered the most effective strategies and ways forward to fight the deal.

APN Gives a Speech at the Hanouna Cultural Group Ceremony

The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, represented by Razan Zuayter, was invited to give a speech at the Hanouna Cultural Group Ceremony. Zuayter expressed gratitude towards the work that the Hanouna Cultural Group does in order to preserve identity and heritage and emphasized the importance of partnerships between organizations that work for the Palestinian cause. Ms Zuayter also highlighted the strong connection between cultural folk art and agriculture.

APN Participates in the International Women’s Day celebrations

APN founding member Razan Zuayter was invited to participate in the International Women’s Day celebrations held by the Jordanian Women’s Union on 8/3/2017. The union affirmed that societal development cannot be achieved without empowering women and engaging women in political, economic and social platforms, and that gender equality is an issue that should concern not just women, but society as a whole.



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