If Only You Know

'If Only You Know', towards Raising Environmental Awareness

APN launched 'If Only You Know' campaign in February 2012, targeting school students in Jordan ranging from 12 to 17 years in order to raise environmental awareness. More than 20 volunteers are participating to deliver around 100 lectures in public and private schools.



  • Increase awareness on the risks facing agriculture and the environment in Jordan and Palestine.
  • Disseminate the campaign message to a large segment of the student population.

Moving Forward

APN set up a steering committee to prepare the necessary arrangements, including building an information system and the selection of volunteers to deliver the lectures.
In order to best achieve its goals, APN has also organized training workshops for the volunteers to build their capacities in public speaking and presentation skills.

Why not join the team?

    To volunteer, Click here http://bit.ly/13PnpHM