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"Towards people's sovereignty over food and natural resources"

APN seeks to strengthen the capacity of the Arab peoples to sustain the region's natural resources and gain sovereignty over them , particularly in areas suffering from war and occupation.


Trees Planted





APN Partners with the Local Community in Bayouda to Plant Every Household and Build an Inspirational Model of a Green and Productive Village in Jordan


APN collaborated with Balqaa Institute of Creativity “Nashmiat Bayouda” to accomplish the “Hakoorat Bayouda” initiative of planting every household in the village. Over four weeks, a total of 6,200 fruit trees and 8,000 herbs were distributed to 620 houses. To complete this feat, the initiative brought together over 500 volunteers from APN and other initiatives, including the “I am productive” initiative and students from the University of Jordan.

The initiative was developed through several discussions with the local community, who with the leadership of the community activist Ilham Abaddi, was in charge of the initial scouting and surveying. In order to ensure social equality and objectve targeting, the household surveys included questions on family source of income, availability of water for irrigation and the number and type of trees desired. 

The project falls under APN’s vision to help communities achieve self-sufficiency and full sovereignty over their natural resources, and provide families, particularly the women, with an additional source of income through selling the produce to local markets. The project was also successful in creating a strong partnership with the local community and in encouraging cultural exchange between those who live in the city and the locals in Bayuda. In addition, APN was incredibly humbled to see that many volunteers and participants left with a new overwhelming joy and enthusiasm about agriculture and the environment. 

For more photos of “Hakoorat Bayouda”: 
A short film on the initiative : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT8Dfymu7t8
Monday, April 10, 2017 - 11:30