The 3rd Million Trees Campaign (MTC III)

The Million Trees Campaign (MTC): Support and Relief:

Thousands of acres of Palestinian agricultural lands have been razed and trees uprooted over the years by Israeli bulldozers. Families are displaced and vital routes disconnected in the West Bank and Gaza Strip as Israeli occupation authorities continue to build and expand Israeli settlements and bypass roads. Israel's building of the separation (Apartheid) Wall in the occupied West Bank in recent years has also swallowed and destroyed significant acreage of Palestinian agricultural lands. 

Replanting tree seedlings on damaged lands and supporting Palestinian farmers in maintaining ownership of their land are the main goals of the MTC Campaign which has carried out projects since 2001 in conjunction with Palestinian agricultural unions and CSOs with financial support from donors. (more) 

Over a Million Tree Seedlings Planted in the MTC First Phase (MTC I)

Razed lands and areas where trees have been uprooted in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip were planted with over a million seedlings of fruit, olive and palm trees in 2001-2008. (more)

Completion of the 2nd Million Trees Campaign (MTC II)

Farmers in the northern Jordan Valley suffering under Israeli restrictions on their agricultural products have received olive and palm tree seedlings while others are still witnessing damage to their lands under Israeli practices. Over a million tree seedlings were replanted in the second phase, between 2008-2014,  along with repairs to water networks and wells and the cultivation of thousands of vegetable and herb seedlings. (more)

Work Proceeding in the 3rd Million Trees Campaign (MTC III)

Israel intensified its aggression  in 2015,  through bulldozing and confiscating Palestinian lands, as well as uprooting and burning trees. APN has thus continued planting its Third Million Trees Campaign , which included the building of water collection and irrigation systems and supporting several initiatives to rehabilitate the agricultural sector in Gaza . (more)


Accomplishments from our rehabilitation projects 2015-2016

In the agricultural season of 2015-216, The Arab Group for the Protection of Nature, in collaboration with its partners, successfully accomplished numerous and diverse projects that involved locations all across Palestine (The West Bank, Gaza and inside the Green Line). A total of 1,867 farmers and 8,667 of their family members were reached through the following:

1.   152,776 olive, citrus, almond, fig, grape, avocado, papaya, guava and other tree saplings across Palestine

2.   Rehabilitating 59 greenhouses in Gaza

3.   Providing fishermen in Gaza with 156 fishing nets to replace those destroyed during the Israeli attach in 2015

4.   Constructing 19 water wells in villages in Jerusalem

5.   Constructing 3 agricultural water ponds in Jericho

6.   Extending 4,450 meters of irrigation networks

7.   Planting 453,500 vegetable and herb seedlings across Palestine


1.       Planting trees by the Aqsa Mosque

2.       Planting fruit trees on Palestinian prisoner and hero Rami Karajeh’s land in an effort to support families of Palestinian prisoners by providing them with a sustainable source of income

3.       Planting demined lands in Hebron

4.       Planting olive trees in Jerusalem honor of Palestinian martyrs

5.       Rehabilitating 59 greenhouses in Gaza

6.       Distributing 4,360 vegetable seedlings in Jenin

7.       2,500 olive trees planted inside the Green Line in Batouf, Shaghour, Shafa Amro, Nazareth, Al Jaleel, Aarah, Majd Al Karoum, West Baqa, Sakhneen, Deir Hanna, Araabeh Al Naqab and the Occupied Syrian Golan   

8.       Distributing 156 fishing nets to fishermen in Gaza

9.       APN launches the “Plant a Tree for Yourself in Jerusalem” campaign

10.    Planting 1,500 fruit trees in the Al Walaja village in Bethlehem

11.   Replanting previously uprooted 300 fruit trees and 5,000 thyme seedlings in Wadi Kana

12.   APN launched the “Plant a Tree for Yourself in Gaza” campaign

13.   APN launches the “Our Land our Identity” project in Khirbet Sarra in Nablus

14.   Celebrating Earth Day by distributing vegetable seedlings in Safa village in Ramallah

15.    Planting olive trees in the Breij refugee camp in Gaza

16.   Planting 1,200 vegetable seedlings in the Deir Abu Mashaal village

17.   Replanting 1,200 olive and almond trees in Hebron that had been uprooted by settlers in the Aasfir and Bani Kadeim settlements

18.   Planting olive trees in the Jahar Al Deek village in Gaza

19.   Planting trees on land at risk of confiscation in Saeir, Hebron

20.   Planting 1,400 fruit trees in areas inside the Green Line

21.   Distributing 2,750 vegetable seedlings in Nablus

22.   Tree planting event in Khan Younis, Gaza

23.   Planting olive trees in Rafah, Gaza

24.   Promoting food security and resilience in the Zaatra village by extending irrigation networks, a water tank, fruit tree saplings and 1,000 thyme and sage seedlings

25.   Constructing 3 water collection ponds in Jericho

26.   Planting 8 villages across Jerusalem under the “Plant Fruit Trees in Jerusalemite Villages” project

27.   APN plants trees in Tal Rumeida, Hebron despite pressure from Israeli occupation authorities

28.   Planting trees on land owned by the late martyr Iz al Deen al Qassam in Hebron

29.   Extending irrigation networks in Jericho

30.   An event to plant trees in the Al Sawanah neighborhood overlooking Jerusalem

31.   Planting trees in Tal Rumeida, Hebron

32.   Planting trees in Khirbet Um Al Kheir, Hebron   

33.   Planting trees in Tubas

34.   Planting trees in Nablus

35.   Planting trees in Tulkarem

36.   Planting trees in Jenin

37.   Vegetable seedling project in Jericho

38.   Digging water wells in Jerusalem

39.   Protecting agricultural land in Hebron from confiscation

40.   Rehabilitating and expanding a water well in Hebron

41.   Planting the Beit Amer area in Hebron and protecting it from confiscation

42.   APN supports Palestinian martyr Ahmad Al Najjar’s family by planting 5,000 thyme seedlings, providing a water tank and extending irrigation pipes

43.   Rehabilitating farmer Abdelrahman Kasem’s land in Ramallah, which he refused to sell for an offer of $31 million

44.   Launching a project to plant olive trees in the Shabteen town, at risk of confiscation

45.   Constructing water collection tanks in Gaza

46.   Planting 400 olive trees in South Hebron

47.   Planting olive trees in Ya’bad that is under risk of confiscation

48.   A new accomplishment for MTC volunteers in the Nakoura village in Nablus

49.   Planting olive trees in Sourif despite interference from Israeli occupation authorities

50.   Supporting farmer resilience in the Deir Ballout and Al Zawya villages, Salfit

51.   Planting olive trees in Bala’a, Tulkarem

52.   Planting grapes in Khilit Al Fahem, which neighbors the Ghosh Atsoun settlement complex tp://

53.   Planting olive trees in Borein, Nablus

54.   Planting olive trees on agricultural fields in Jenin that the Israeli Apartheid Wall runs along

55.   Planting olive trees in Barqa, Ramallah

56.   Despite interference from Israeli occupation authorities, MTC volunteers plant trees in Qasra

57.   Planting 700 apple and grape saplings in the displaced village of Shushahla, Bethlehem

58.   APN funds a new water well in Jerusalem

59.   APN plants olive trees in Tawrah, which the Israeli Apartheid Wall runs along

60.   Planting olive trees in Um Daar and Al Khuljan villages that are surrounded by settlements